Benefits of CBD 101

Cannabidiol (CBD ) has taken the world by storm and offered many people suffering from stress, fatigue, pain, inflammation and certain diseases/conditions much-needed relief.


What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It can be extracted from either the recreational marijuana plant or the industrial agricultural crop referred to as hemp. Hemp has been used for centuries as an industrial fibre as well as used for its oils found in the seeds. Hemp has always known not to be psychoactive as it contains limited amounts of THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ). THC is the cannabinoid responsible for making you “high” and was banned in most countries around the world for a good part of the last 100 years.


How does CBD work?

CBD is a compound that is delivered to our bodies endocannabinoid system ( ECS ), either by inhaling it, ingestion or topically. Our ECS is a network of receptors found throughout our bodies, especially in our immune system and nervous system. CBD activates and binds to these receptors, therefore stimulating them and enhancing many of our bodily functions such as memory, movement, appetite, emotion amongst others.

The benefits of CBD does not only end at our bodily functions but can also reduce the levels of cortisol, a hormone found in our bodies that is related to stress. CBD is therefore known to reduce stress levels, anxiety issues and help combat chronic depression.

According to a number of clinical studies, CBD may be capable of treating a wide range of illnesses, from simple illnesses to serious diseases. What we understand about CBD is that it works closely with our ECS, bringing our body back to a healthy balance. What is interesting there are not many side effects, you might just feel slightly dizzy or have a dry mouth when taking too much.


How to use CBD!

CBD oil can be used and delivered in many different ways, not just for us, but also there are many products formulated for pets and animals.

CBD Oil – CBD is usually extracted from Cannabis Sativa using many methods to produce a concentrate of the cannabinoid. Once extracted it can be used in many different delivery systems and infused with other oils, foods ( edibles ), salves or balms. CBD oil is a base product that can be smoked, vaped, baked or used topically.

Cannabis Gummies – an old favourite and popular method of using cannabis. Gummies are short for the sweet treats found in many shops and resemble gummy bears. It is a great way to use cannabis because as you slowly suck on the gummy, the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through your mucosal membranes mainly located under your tongue and between your cheek and gums.

Vape cartridges –  Vaping is also a popular way to use CBD as the vaporizer is designed to heat the cannabinoid that is then inhaled directly into your bloodstream as vapor droplets, without the side effects of smoking.

 CBD salves – A topical ointment infused with CBD that is great for localized treatment of skin conditions or joint pain. As receptors are found throughout our body, our skin also absorbs CBD directly so can be a good way to target CBD where it is needed most.

 Pet Treats – Animals and our furry friends also have an endocannabinoid system and can easily benefit from CBD. Specially formulated treats are great for our pets and can also be used for illnesses, immune deficiencies or just as a nutritional supplement.